Exercises that get your heart racing (and keep it that way for some time) are good for you! Known as cardio workouts, these can be anything from jumping ropes to dancing, swimming, boxing climbing stairs, or even organized sports. Low impact versions of the same come in the form of skaters, oblique crunch and lateral shuffle, among others. Ask any fitness freak and you’d know how good cardio is, for one’s heart health, weight management and even mood upliftment. While these exercises are fun and one can in fact be creative with them, making the most out of them is the ultimate goal. Here are some of the ways you can make your cardio ‘workout’ in your favour!

More is more: Here’s a fancy flow chart to help you understand better.


More intense workout > greater requirement of oxygen-rich blood > an elevated heart rate > maximum results.

Precisely, the harder you run(or swim or dance or jump,) the more effective you make it for yourself. You can intensify your workout and cut down the time you spend doing it and still get the same result (or better ones.) An intense 20-minute workout suffices for a 30-minute long, but a less intense one.

But first, warmup:

Warmup, a dynamic one, increases mobility and decreases the possibility of injuries. Win-win. Among the most popular cardio warmups are planks, mountain climbers, stretches, and jumping jacks. Forward and side leg swings, hip rotations, and extensions are great moves too.  So, jump off the wagon only when you’re ready for it.

Upwards is the way:

Running on the hills is more effective as compared to running on a flat road. The heart rate increases just like the steepness of the ground you’re running at. Improved leg strength is another one of the perks of picking bumps over an even surface.


What does that tell you? The mountains might, or might not, but the hills are calling you and you must go!


Embrace changes:

In the want of better results, changes are inevitable. Change the format of your workout, before your body gets used to it. Running, sprinting, climbing, cross-training and whatnot – there’s too much to stick to one particular exercise. Experiment a little here and a little there with aerobic exercises, and you get the results. The only repetition required here is for you to be hitting the gym on a regular basis.

Consistency takes you places:

However great a schedule you build for yourself, nothing tangible would be achieved without consistency. Once in a while doesn’t work with most of the things, more so with cardio workouts. Stick to your workout plan and see yourself grow better at it.


What you seek is seeking you, only if you work for it.