I’m gonna start gyming from next Monday! Aren’t we all made this unpromising commitment to ourselves at one point in life? Blame it on your jampacked schedule, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of motivation, or procrastination the reasons can be as many as you want! Or you still are looking for the right gym?  For many people, a typical gym is a place where you just focus on warm-ups, weight lifting, and cardio. While it is true that gyms used to be reserved for weight training and were rarely frequented by women, that’s not the case nowadays!

These days we see both men and women focusing on their fitness, working out at the gym, choosing the way to shed weight, using equipment for the routine, and a lot more. Nevertheless, the reasons that make women apprehensive about going to fitness centers are many such as comfort, security, schedule, trainers, and so on. 

Her Fitness is more than a gym, it’s a premium fitness studio exclusively for women transforming every aspect of workout to keep you at your best. 


What makes Her Fitness special?


It isn’t about weight rack or treadmills- Yes, we have that important gym equipment but the things that set us apart from the regular gyms are what people get inside the four walls. Our trainers help you overcome any challenge that stands in the way to make you fit and healthier.

Even if your fitness journey is full of bumps, our trainers know how to make you get back on track after detours. As a woman, it’s not necessary you have a fixed schedule to maintain your workout routine. Many women don’t even consider going to the gym, as they consider they find their routine chores as a medium to burn calories. This isn’t true! Everyone deserves to spend time on their physical and mental well-being and for that, it is absolutely necessary to go where get a motivating and safe atmosphere.

And ladies, if you are keeping an eye on a gym that dedicates itself to the highest quality, Her Fitness is your place to be!


Services we offer:


  •         Power Yoga & Pilate
  •         Zumba
  •         Kickboxing
  •         Boot Camp
  •         Lower Body & Weight training
  •         Diet counseling
  •         Measurements
  •         Gym facilities
  •         Dance workout




No doubt, price is an important factor when trying to decide on a gym. While many gyms bound people to participate in paying annual charges, we take care that our clients should be able to afford the monthly, enrollment, or annual fees. You can even evaluate the costs of packages to the other gyms around the vicinity. All branches of Her Fitness, are known for their fair and customizable packages. Month-to-month term packages are even flexible and can be changed as per our customer’s preferences. 


Why Her Fitness?


Right from dance, yoga, cross-fir, strength & conditioning, Her Fitness which is highly popular in West Delhi has got you covered with the premium facilities that every fitness enthusiast looks for! This opulent chain of a women-centric fitness center is equipped with highly trained and certified instructors evaluates an individual’s need and creates personalized work schedules. An icing to the cake, Her Fitness offers online sessions that ensure fitness at your own comfort, safety, and convenience. Not only weight loss and muscle gain, but the experts also aim to deliver the results that work towards enhancing their clients’ fitness and well-being.