A Complete Guide to Boot Camps- What They Are and How They Work?


Are you bored with your old routine workout, thinking to have a change? How about boot camp, haven’t heard about it. Let us see what boot camp is and how it can be your ultimate fitness solution.



Following are the benefits of boot camp;


  • They have challenging varied exercises session so fewer chances of getting bored.
  • They can be done with self-driven motivation and require very less or no equipment.
  • They develop a mutual bond of understanding among the people of society who participate together.


Is Boot Camp Suitable for You?


The goal of a fitness camp is for people who are more focused on getting intense workout solutions. They usually involve rapid gunshot-like movements which sometimes become too challenging and intense for the people who are not in shape. But if you have passed strong experience of aerobics and strength exercises, then you are the one who can probably go to a boot camp. But keep in mind that before enrolling to any boot camp ask the trainer and handlers that is it suitable for you or do they demand any level of fitness in advance. For example, if you are 40-year old who has just delivered a baby and have not been so active during your pregnancy phase, you should first check with your doctor that you want to start this intense regime. The most important part is to assess whether you can get the results out of this without getting any fatigued muscles and sore body. Skilled trainers in Boot Camp in Delhi are attentive and keep an eye on your muscle response so that can adopt an exercise regime for you.


Is It Effective?


On an average the calories expenditure in a boot is high compared to low or medium intensive workout, most of the exercises in the boot camp are of the high-intensity aerobic type where recommended physical activity is much higher. All the major exercises are done for at least two times in a week, with an aim to do single exercises in one go in a constant repetitive manner. The whole session should be able to tire you out within the initial 15 minutes. So if you’re the one looking for an adrenaline-pumping routine, boot camp is the right place for you.


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