Body and weight from 50


At the latest with the onset of menopause, the topic of weight loss and fitness comes up. As the level of estrogen drops, the risk of accumulating pounds increases. Because the production of sex hormones is reduced during menopause, the body’s energy requirements decrease, and the basal metabolic rate decreases.

The growth hormone somatotropin, which helps build muscle, is also released less and less. In addition to this factor, problems such as changes in body composition, muscle mass are reduced and fat tissue is built up, are already associated with problems from 40. The metabolism slows down, which also reduces the need for calories.


Fitness tips from 50


According to the 2015 WHO report, around 53 percent of German women and 70 percent of men 50 and over are overweight. But whether you get fatter is mainly up to you – even at the age of 50. In order to stay slim and lose weight, a combination of a healthy diet and exercise is crucial right now. When it comes to movement, regularity is what counts.

From the age of 50, and almost daily, but shorter training is recommended for losing weight. Joint-friendly sports such as aqua fitness, swimming, or cycling are suitable for getting on. You can start new sports even at 50: gentle yoga, tai chi, Nordic walking, or even climbing. Since there is a risk of redistribution of body fat from the age of 50 (more belly fat, less rounded hips, and buttocks), targeted training on equipment is recommended to build muscles where fat is to be expelled. It is best to take an introductory training session in the gym to show you specific exercises.


Movement minis in everyday life


To maintain your weight, make it easy for yourself and incorporate more exercise into your everyday life! Think about the habits you can change. The classic: climbing stairs instead of using an elevator. If your joints and back allow it, you should do your shopping on foot: Carrying bags for half an hour consumes around 140 calories. If you don’t want to drag, take the bike. Cars and buses should be taboo for shorter journeys anyway. Gardening is also a good flab program.  Raking leaves for half an hour burns about 160 calories. Or do a moderate exercise program every day with walking or walking.


Nutrition plan from 50


When it comes to eating, from the age of 50, the motto is: don’t starve yourself, eat more consciously! Similar to exercise, you can save a lot of calories by making small adjustments. Replace the butter with low-calorie cream cheese or margarine. I prefer yogurt sauce to a salad rather than French dressing. Drink water or tea instead of sodas. However, you can treat yourself to a glass of orange juice from time to time as a small snack.

Reach more and more whole grain products – there are so many delicious types of bread and you can hardly taste the difference when it comes to pasta with sauce. The menu also includes low-fat meat and dairy products, and lots of fruit and vegetables. Wine gum (330 calories / 100 grams) is better than chocolate (520 calories / 100 grams) for snacking.

The next lockdown forces us to spend most of our time within our own four walls. And there they are already lurking: the dreaded corona kilos. If you can’t go to the gym and spend the whole day near the refrigerator, the pounds will quickly get to grips. But don’t worry: with our small fitness units at home you keep the kilos at a minimum!

To curb the spread of the coronavirus, lockdown number two brings public life to a standstill again. Fitness studios and leisure facilities will also be closed again. How are you supposed to keep fit? After all, outdoor sports are only fun to a limited extent in cold and wet autumn weather. Another problem: instead of sports equipment, most living rooms only have a couch and favorite armchair – where exercise ends with lifting the remote control. At the same time, the pantry attracts a wide range of snacks that can be nibbled on during the series marathon.

So are we at the mercy of the corona kilos without protection? No! Because if you leave the sofa on the left, you will also find plenty of opportunities to get in shape at home. It doesn’t always have to be hours of training – small active units can be easily integrated into everyday life and still increase health. And now there are also more opportunities for healthy eating. So challenge your inner weaker self every day – with these workouts and fitness tips for your own four walls.


Sporty break filler: quick workouts for in between


More time at home doesn’t mean more free time. In addition to the home office, having fun with children, and household chores, many working people hardly have a moment to take a deep breath – and certainly not for an extensive sports program. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to train for hours to be more fitness, because: Intensive lightning workouts get your fat burning and muscles revved up in record time. Whether between two video calls, while the kids are taking a nap or during the commercial break for their favorite show – the five to ten-minute workouts fit perfectly into any small gap. The best thing about it: A sporty break not only improves fitness but also increases concentration and energy levels.


Strong middle in 5 minutes: plank work-out


Hardly any other exercise trains the core of the body as effectively as planks. Those who regularly hold the forearm support could even put on a six-pack instead of winter fat. This is how it works: Support your forearms in the push-up position and tense your entire body. Hold for 40 seconds, then relax for 20 seconds. Repeat five times. For more variety, alternately stretch one leg backward.


5 exercises in 9 minutes: interval work-out


Plank, shuttle, sit-up, squat and side jump – five exercises at tight intervals promise maximum effect in a minimum of time. Here’s how it works: Perform each exercise at full power for 20 seconds, then take a 10-second break. After three repetitions, relax for 30 seconds and move on to the next exercise. The most important thing: give at least 110 percent for every execution.


Fat burning in 10 minutes: jumping rope


No playground game: Just 10 minutes of jumping rope is enough to break up a sweat. This is how it works: Let the skipping rope circle around your wrists at hip height and jump off your forefoot. Jump for one minute at the highest possible frequency, then take a minute’s break – in five sets. Advanced users use the break for sit-ups or squats.


Online courses: training with the video coach


If you don’t go to the gym, the gym will come to you – at least virtually. From yoga to High-intensity training to Back school: There is a lot on the internet now Online courses that turn your living room into a work-out zone – without any devices or special equipment. The video training units also offer the perfect introduction to anyone who has not been so sporty before. Take advantage of the wide range of online courses and test which sports you really enjoy. Another advantage: at home, you will not be observing a whole class group. So you don’t need to worry if you aren’t quite as clever the first time. Every beginning is difficult.

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