Some older female celebrities show how old you are: you’re only as old as you feel. In order to stay healthy, young, and fit for a long time and also in old age, something has to be done. With our tips on nutrition, sport, and exercise as well as mental freshness, you will keep fit, stay healthy, and feel young for a long time.


The passage of time


“None of us get out of here alive. So stop treating each other like a keepsake. Eat delicious food. Walk in the sun. Jump in the ocean. Tell the truth and wear your heart on your tongue. Be silly. Be kind. There’s no time for anything else. ”This quote from Hollywood actor Anthony Hopkins is not only world-famous, it’s damned true, but to enjoy life as the actor and director describes it, you have to the physical and mental conditions are right.

Not that easy at all, because life is troubling for everyone. The bones become more fragile, the strength for leisure activities diminishes and some people waste almost every thought on getting older. But getting older and having to rely on long-term care insurance does not immediately mean that you can no longer move and that life just passes you by. But for fitness, health, and mental freshness, even in advanced age, something must be done in good time. With our tips, we are guaranteed to stay sporty, active, healthy, and feel young.


Healthy nutrition as a basis


A balanced diet is essential to keep the body strong and healthy for a long time. That doesn’t mean we can’t even treat ourselves to an ice cream sundae or a piece of chocolate. Basically, however, we should make sure that we don’t succumb to fast, greasy fast food too often. Lots of fruit and vegetables provide us with important vitamins and minerals. We shouldn’t put meat on our menu every day. Fish, on the other hand, contains valuable omega-3 fatty acids and is otherwise very healthy.


Movement is essential


In addition to a healthy and balanced diet, exercise is the be-all and end-all. If our bodies are to stay fit for a long time and look young and healthy, we have to do something about it. Unfortunately, nothing comes from anything. But instead of running into the gym every day and tormenting yourself like a wild bull, it is usually enough to plan a healthy amount of exercise into your daily work routine.

Let’s just take the stairs instead of the elevator next time. Instead of public transport, we get on our bikes when the weather is good and arrive at work satisfied. During the lunch break, you can take a short walk with colleagues instead of eating something sweet at the bakery. Mostly it’s the little things in everyday life that can work wonders.


Do not underestimate a healthy psyche


A healthy diet and sufficient exercise lay the perfect foundation for long life. But this does not fulfill a person if he is not at peace with himself and his psyche. In a fast-paced world, as you find it today, the stress and strain level of the individual is immensely high. In addition, there are financial worries or fear of loss and existence. It comes as no surprise that burn-out syndrome and depression have become widespread diseases over the past decade.

It is all the more important that we take a break from everyday stress. Work-life balance is the key here. Work time-outs, known as sabbaticals, are increasingly being paid for by health insurers and approved by the boss. After all, a sick employee is of no use to the boss of a company either, it costs him a lot of money. Let us make sure that we leave work behind us during our vacation, the wellness trip, or at the weekend and use the even if short breaks for ourselves. Let’s just keep it simple like Anthony Hopkins and enjoy life – after all, none of us can get out of here alive.


Stay fit at home: 6 little rules that anyone can easily implement


Most of us don’t do enough sport – especially when fitness studios and swimming pools are closed due to the corona crisis. But everyday life at home can also be actively shaped – for example with these 6 rules from the experts

Our Trainers at HerFitness know which exercises can be done on the side to keep fit at home.


1. Brushing your teeth with gymnastics


Start the day moving: Even those who are grumpy in the morning can get their circulation going with little effort, for example when brushing their teeth. “Balancing on one leg, standing on tiptoe, lunging or even squatting is possible even in the smallest bathroom”, says the HER FITNESS expert. If you like, you can use these little exercises to shorten the waiting time for the tea or freshly brewed coffee.


2. Movement in the home office


The same applies to working in the home office as in the office: Integrate as much movement as possible into everyday work. Because a lack of exercise not only has health consequences, it can also have a negative effect on work performance. Therefore: avoid long periods of sitting. Better to get up more often to stretch or, for example, to get a drink in the kitchen. It is not uncommon for a brilliant idea to come to mind. Anyone who makes long phone calls can do so while standing. Since there is no commute in the home office, employees can use the saved time for a short workout before starting work, afterward, or during the lunch break. YouTube tutorials, apps, or sports DVDs can also help.


3. Building muscle in front of the TV


If you want, you can combine your favorite series or the evening TV news with exercise, for example with a few abdominal muscle exercises, trot on the spot, or squats. Exercises with dumbbells or filled water bottles are good for arms and pecs. “But your own body weight is also sufficient, for example, push-ups are suitable,” says HerFitness Trainer.


4. Fit with the offspring


Parents are now not only faced with the question of what they can do for their own fitness, but also how the offspring can best let off steam. Why not turn your living room into a disco after work? Dancing is fun and also strengthens your stamina. The same applies to a pillow fight, which is also good for the arm muscles. Another way to bring movement into the home: Make a little space on the floor and, for example, do gymnastics with babies or a workout with older children using suitable DVDs or videos from the Internet. Maybe the children are allowed to be PE teachers and think of exercises for themselves.


5. Better to be careful than improper or overloading


Beginners in particular shouldn’t overdo it at home. “It is important to train appropriately for your fitness level,” said HerFitness Expert. Well-known exercises are best to avoid incorrect or excessive strain. The HER FITNESS health expert advises stopping training if you are in pain: “The muscles are allowed to burn. But if it stings, pulls or hurts uncomfortably in the knee, shoulder and lower back, it is better to take a break or choose other exercises.”


6. The main thing is regularly


Exercising does not have to mean going to the gym every day or doing numerous laps in the pool. “Moderate exercise is also good for your health, only regularity is important,” emphasizes HerFitness Trainer. Exercise strengthens the heart and circulation, can prevent numerous diseases, and prevent weight gain. And especially important during the Corona crisis: Exercise lifts the mood!