Become Fit and toned with strength training


Is weight training purely for men? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! This prejudice has long been a thing of the past, because many women are increasingly discovering training on fitness equipment or free weights for themselves. No wonder, because there is hardly any other sport that firms the body better and shows progress faster. 


Why more and more women are getting their bodies in shape with strength training


For a long time, there was a rumor that weight training was unsuitable for women. A widespread myth was that building muscle through intensive training on machines leads to a wide back and strong upper arms. Even today, some women are still afraid of the typical bodybuilder figure with corresponding muscle mass. Many also believe that size zero for weight loss is the measure of all things. To do this, they torment themselves for hours on the treadmill or kick off their bikes. Your goal is to bring as little weight as possible on the scales. It should not be forgotten that those who rely exclusively on endurance training in fitness not only burn calories and fat but also muscles. This makes the skin slack and the body misshapen. Instead of being healthy and fit, the calorie deficit makes you look emaciated and limp.


Healthy instead of lean


It is different from strength training. Here the body – especially the legs, arms, and bottom – is shaped with specific exercises, and the muscles are strengthened. Since women genetically have a higher percentage of body fat and a lower amount of muscle mass than men, there is also no risk of them becoming a muscle pack. To do this, they would have to train intensively twice a day and take appropriate supplements. 

Women also don’t build muscle nearly as quickly as men. This is due to the muscle-building hormone testosterone, which is around ten times more present in men than women. With strength or muscle building training you not only tighten the tissue and thus achieve a well-proportioned body shape. It also has numerous other advantages. It also has positive psychological effects. Studies show that women who do muscle training have higher general self-efficacy. That means: In contrast to untrained women, they dare to do a lot more. But there are more reasons why women should exercise. have a higher general self-efficacy. 

That means: In contrast to untrained women, they dare to do a lot more. But there are more reasons why women should exercise. have a higher general self-efficacy. That means: In contrast to untrained women, they dare to do a lot more. But there are more reasons why women should exercise.


Don’t be afraid of gaining weight


It can happen that after a few weeks of training the scale suddenly shows a few kilos more than before. But don’t panic: muscles are simply heavier than fat. 1 kilo of fat and 1 kilo of muscle are logically exactly the same, but it takes more fat than muscle mass to get to one kilo. Through continuous strength training, you achieve a redistribution of your body fat and muscle percentage. The body fat percentage decreases and the muscles are strengthened. The scales can therefore show more, but your reflection looks much better.

And this is a good sign that the workout has been successful and the fat tissue has turned into muscle mass.

So if you have reached your ideal body fat percentage through hard training and a lot of discipline, you shouldn’t be discouraged by the fact that instead of losing weight it may have become a little heavier. Because in order to shape a beautiful body with firm skin, you have to stay on the ball now. Heavyweights and few repetitions achieve great results here. It is very important that you do not only orient yourself by the number on the scales and the weight loss, but by your own reflection.


Train comfortably at home


By the way, there is another advantage that strength training offers. All exercises can be performed at home with the appropriate fitness equipment. Because even if you see more and more women in the strength area of ​​fitness studios these days, for most of them it is still a very large inhibition threshold that ultimately prevents them from even starting fitness and strength training. Fortunately, you can do something for a toned body in your own four walls without being exposed to the curious or disapproving looks of other gym visitors.

There is also no need to drive to the gym. You can also train at home whenever you want. Another plus: At home you can be the way you are – without any trendy sportswear or make-up. This also avoids competition and gossip among women. Finally, there is another plus point for mothers: You don’t need childcare at home.

What do you need for strength training at home?


At the beginning you are well advised with a dumbbell set and optionally a weight bench. If you want to achieve faster results and have more space at home, you can set up a home gym with a multifunctional multi-gym. There is nothing missing here compared to a conventional gym. 


Cleaning work-out against dirt and pounds


Ironing, dusting or window cleaning: anyone who suddenly spends an unusually large amount of time at home can no longer avoid doing housework. So get to the cleaning rag – and it’s best to take a cloth with you to dab off sweat. Because the “little bit of household” doesn’t just take care of itself. On the contrary: when cleaning, you not only move dirt, but also a lot Calories to body.


Disguised training aids: Sport with everyday objects


A home trainer or fitness equipment raise the workout at home to studio level. They have no? Better take a closer look! Many everyday objects can be converted into effective training aids.

Important:  Before the actual training, always start with a relaxed warm-up lap in order to prepare the body for the upcoming challenge. For example, run in place for a few minutes, circle your shoulders and arms and then do a few more stretching exercises.


Eat yourself fit: Healthy eating as a fitness booster


When it comes to fitness, the formula for success is: training plus proper nutrition. Because if you eat unhealthily, you will hardly see any progress in terms of training. Fortunately, there are currently plenty of opportunities to optimize your own eating behavior.


Just switch off


In our fast-paced everyday life we ​​are constantly electrified – and lose sight of our own needs in the process. The consequences: stress and inner unrest spread. Therefore, use the slowing down of the Corona restrictions to clear up negative emotions and consciously relax. In an exceptional situation like this in particular, it’s perfectly fine not to do anything. Whenever necessary, give yourself a break to recharge your batteries – and then start all over again.