Is Kickboxing Just a Sport or a Good Workout Technique?


Originated back in 1950 the basic idea of kickboxing is having a group of a combat sports type of cardio where people are standing and encouraging you, this is based on the Japanese sports where there is punching kicking on the opponent, this is a mixture of typical boxing and conventional karate. The basic idea is to develop strength and ability for endurance in your daily routine. Kickboxing may have interval training of bursts of intense activities which are scheduled in alternative intervals of medium or low-intensity activity. This is gaining popularity due to its use in the defense techniques of various forces as well as the general public. With the use of kickboxing in movies stunt it has added on the glamour to the sports, let’s see how Kickboxing in Delhi makes you sweat your pants:


What does kickboxing include?


An experienced kickboxing trainer will make a good mix of cardio with a well-arranged and choreographed sequence of punches, kicks, and strikes which may involve different paced music. Kickboxing sessions may have a combination of:

  • Jab
  • Hooks
  • Crosses
  • Uppercuts

These are the upper body workout for the lower body they have:

  • Knee strikes
  • Front kicks
  • Roundhouse kicks
  • Back kicks


A typical class has cooled down relaxing exercises too, along with static stretching. This may be followed by planks in general. Session of pure cardio kickboxing in Delhi may extend up to 30 minutes to one hour.


What to expect from it?


In a session of one hour who can have an intense body workout with the engagement of each and everybody muscle. The focus is strongly on your core muscles. The rapid burst of movement in the kickboxing improves flexibility, and coordination of the eye and body (it enhances the working of the brain, rather makes you intelligent). Along with this kickboxing has strongholds on building a fast reflex response.

  • A typical intense session of kickboxing may burn up to 500 calories per hour.
  • The practice of kickboxing help in relieving the stress
  • Helps one fight depression and anxiety.
  • It releases all your frustration and enhances the production of endorphins that improves mood and block pain.


Why should I follow it?


It is a good fitness choice for people who want to burn calories, lose weight, and learns an extracurricular activity; this not only increases your stamina and fight against heart diseases but also is a great defense mechanism technique. It is also helpful for people who easily get bored with static and one type of exercise which usually involve treadmills and steppers.

Here you will enjoy the fast pace and movement exercises that are based on martial arts.

A kickboxing schedule can be easily formulated from low intensity to medium to high impact workouts, making it easy for skilled as well as beginners.

It is sometimes normal to become frustrated and think about quitting, but a kickboxing instructor will make you move at your own pace and enjoy the benefits of the activity with patience and fun.


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