5 Myths Around Pilates

Pilates is a form of exercise that was developed by Joseph Pilates in 1920, originally it was a programmed rehabilitation session for prisoners who need to move their bodies during sedentary life inside captivity. In today scenario where Pilatehas gain popularity, many modern variations of Pilate can be seen as practiced in Pilate classes in Delhi too. Even though this has been developed as an effective tool of active fitness yet it has been tagged as the alternative to regular exercise which is not true. Through this article, we will try to bust out a few conventional myths around Pilates.

  • Pilate is only for women

How unfair it is to tag this wonderful form of exercise to only one gender. Just because Pilates acts marvelously on your abdominal muscle and pelvic girdle does not mean it’s only for the well-toned waist of females. Yes, it’s true that Pilates is helpful in pregnant women and enhance the reproductive functions but this activity cannot be restricted only to women. Truth is plenty of male athletes use Pilates for developing core strength to their bodies. Pilates maintain the flexibility and muscle function that’s why they are so famous among celebrities also…ever checked out Hugh Grant Instagram, it full of his Pilates video.

  • The practice of Pilate needs special machines

Yes, there are few machines available for practicing Pilates; like the reformer, the Wunda chair or bar, and straps but the truth is equally productive session can be done on the simple mat itself. All you need is to push your muscle through these specially designed exercises. Basic exercises are incorporated in a way so that they can be performed on the floor.

  • Pilate does not help in weight loss

One sees Pilates as only secondary exercise which is done by diseased or restricted people like the one suffering from  hypertension and pregnancy, but an intense session of Pilates exercises burn the sweat as much as in any fitness routine and you will ultimately lose weight also. If done regularly along with cardiovascular routine you might feel the change early.

  • Pilate is only for your abs

Pilate classes in Delhi, focus on the additional benefits of the Pilate that is more than just working off your rectus abdominal muscle. Pilate is more important than just getting a flat stomach. It brings the focus of the body to the muscle and generates forceful movements in other core muscle like thighs.

  • It does not act on muscle strength

People who are working out on a daily basis, think that Pilate only works for the low intensity or moderate workout, and it cannot be effective like weight training or CrossFit exercises, but the truth is different. Pilates makes every part of your body work as that particular part of the body is thrown to meet the demand of that corresponding exercise. Like an overhead lift. As we can say in the end that Pilate does not only works on your abs or pelvic area but increase your overall muscular endurance.

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